Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My necklace!

It was my grandmother's and my great grandmother's before that.

Once when visiting my grandmother she was in the mood to start pulling
out her jewelery and showing it to me and one of my aunts. When she
pulled out this necklace my jaw dropped and I instantly fell in love
with it.

I'm lucky that none of my cousins wanted it, because I think I would
have been upset had I not been able to get it. The sad thing is, it's
valuable. Too valuable for every day wear so I'm going to have to put
it in a safety deposit box at the bank. I'm going to wear it to the
wedding I'm going to this weekend first though.

And you better believe that every fancy dress I have to buy for the
rest of my life will be purchased with this in mind.


knittergran said...

I'm glad that since you loved it, you were fortunate enough to have it.
Looks great on you!

hokgardner said...

It's spectacular. I had never seen it in person.

soniasax said...

it's really beautiful and it looks amazing on your neck! lucky you!

Diane said...

I saw the pic before I read the blog and my first response was "wow!" You are going to enjoy that necklace for a long time!

I hope this weekend is just as beautiful!

Elaine said...

i love it