Saturday, October 4, 2008

My scarf!!!

Last year my mom made my sister a scarf that I really liked, and I
said so.

Well, as much as I laugh at my mom's knitting projects, I'm not
laughing at this one. She made me a scarf like my sister's, except
with different colors. At first when I opened it I will admit (sorry
mom) that I was a little upset that it wasn't the same as my sister's.
Now I know mine's better. A) brighter colors. B) longer.

I love this scarf now. The picture doesn't do it justice. It got a
little chillier here the past few days, so I've been wearing it (with
t-shirts- I admit I'm a white person) and I've already been
complimented on it twice. Plus, no one else will have my scarf.


soniasax said...

that's beautiful. i love the colors. i haven't even busted out my scarf yet and it's actually cold here. but then again, mine isn't as nice as yours.

Elaine said...

i love it.
the handmade ones are always the best. i have a handmade one too...and I don't like to use my other ones as a result.