Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Migraine from hell

Ive had a migraine since at least last Friday. It's grown and faded in
intensity, but it's been there. I've been downing migraine meds and
advil trying to keep it at bay until it would go away, but it just
wasn't going anywhere.

So today I just had the brilliant plan of not taking anything, letting
it get as bad as it can get and THEN taking the medincine in the hopes
that would cure it. (kind of like letting a fever break. If you at all
knew my mother you'd understand where we get these weird medical

So by three today I was in tears at work and called it quits and came
home. Decided on a 3 prong attack: imitrex, painkiller and sleep. Only
problem- couldn't sleep. I've taken the backup imitrex, still can't
sleep, I don't want to take another painkiller, and I still have the
same low level migraine that I've had for days- and it periodically
spikes to full blown.

This year as I listen to them announce the nobel prize winners I
think, "what brilliant, amazing minds." I hope that whenever someone
finally cures migraines that person gets the Nobel prize. They will
deserve it just as much as the guys who thought to make protiens glow
on the dark, connected HPV with cervical cancer, or discovered the
aids virus.

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