Friday, February 15, 2008

Movie Weekend

I usually go see a movie every other weekend- and this weekend is definitely one of those weekends I need it.

I'm trying to decide.

There Will Be Blood- a "good" movie. Award contender. Something people talk about here.

27 Dresses- feel good fluff movie. Probably what I need right about now.

Step Up 2: The Streets- I see dance movies and I don't appologize for it.

In Bruges- I saw the preview a few months ago, and it looked funny. And I heard a really good review of it the other day.

The Band's Visit- I keep hearing really good things about this one as well. Its a comedy. But it doesn't excite me, so this is at the bottom of the list.

Then I get to decide which movie theater I want to see it at.

Landmark- free parking and there's a Barnes and Noble.

The Grove- More shopping (I am SO not allowed to spend money right now). Good pizza at the Farmer's Market. or Chipotle

Arclight- My favorite. And its next to Amoeba, but I can't spend money.

Or I could branch out and try a new theater. We'll see.

Other things to do this weekend:
Get tires aligned
Get oil change
Major Target shopping*
Finish War and Peace (I'll have time during my oil change and tire work.)

*necessities- does not apply to the "i can't spend money" rule above. Things I can't buy right now are clothes, CDs, pedicures, etc. I can treat myself to a movie. And I never deny myself books.

(Spell check isn't working still. unless I forgot how to use it and am doing it wrong.)


hokgardner said...

I want to see In Bruges, but I'll probably have to wait until it comes out on HBO.

Elaine said...

there will be blood is supposed to be ridiculously long. I dont know why paul thomas anderson always overdoes it. but im sure its good. I might watch it today if I have the time. I might watch the Order of the Phoenix again too.

and i think i would be interested in 27 dresses if I didnt dislike Katherine Heigl so much.

tell us what you saw!

Anonymous said...

i went major target shopping too. I love yellow and coral on me!