Thursday, February 28, 2008

random bits-

topic 1.

automatic flush toilets shouldn't be allowed. sure its nice to go into a stall and not have to look at other peoples' waste matter, but in this age of water saving AND toilet seat covers, they're wrong.

1. go into stall- toilet flushes
2. pull out toilet seat cover, start breaking out center- toilet flushes
3. unbuckle pants, unzip, sit down- etc. toilet flushes (pray toilet seat cover doesn't go down.)
4. final flush once you've actually used the toilet.

4 flushes for what should take one. so wasteful.

topic 2.

I went to Barnes and Noble-
a) The Dirt on Clean- I've wanted to read this for awhile.
b) another Phillipa Gregory book for light reading (how much do you want to bet that's a pen name?) This one is about a person with ESP in Queen Elizabeth the first's court.
c) a Kathy Reichs that was on sale for $5.
Plus I have my Barnes and Noble discount card, AND I had a 25% off coupon.

topic 3.

I saw Rachel Bilson's new haircut and now I want my bangs back. But he cut the rest of my hair too short for me to be able to pull off that hairstyle again.


Anonymous said...

I think her face is too small for her bangs, but you looked good in bangs. And I have toilet issues, especially after using the ones in the bar exam hall 5 times a day for 3 days. They didn't have automatic flush, but when people flushed, not everything would go down, and me being me, I would keep flushing until even the slightest bit of paper would go down so no one would think less of me, but apparently I was the only one doing that.

soniasax said...

oh man, i agree, those auto toilets are out of hand. that's like, what, six gallons of wasted water?

'the dirt on clean' sounds like the type of thing i'd like to read. maybe that'll be my next book after the deathly hallows.

e said...

public restrooms freak me out.