Monday, February 18, 2008

Review Time!

So I saw movies. And went to a concert.

1. St. Vincent (that's the concert.)

It was amazing. Her CD is pretty mellow, not easy listening, but just mellow and heart-felt I'd say. But the live sound is absolutely amazing. The sound coming from the stage was absolutely immense. Its just her, a violinist, a multi-instrumentalist and a drummer, and there were times you'd have assumed that there were 12 other people on stage with her (probably fitting when you consider she's the guitarist for The Polyphonic Spree.) I have to say, if her CD sounded exactly like her live show, her CD would be one of my favorites. The opening band was Foreign Born, and I made a note to check their CD out too because they were great. Side nod to Jeanette- thanks for the invite.

Side note on this one- it was at the Echoplex. I hadn't been to the Echoplex in a few years. Not since one of my early vacations out here before I moved. I had recently been able to watch the pilot of Chuck, and was watching their first date scene thinking, "that looks like the inside of the Echoplex, but I'm not positive." I was pretty sure it was because the bridge they walk over to get there is the Sunset bridge over Glendale. (This is all right down the street.) So when we went there that night, I looked around and made some mental notes, came home, watched the episode again and said, "yep that's the Echoplex." what I REALLY had to laugh at was the fact that the band they see that night is none other than Foreign Born.

2. 27 Dresses-

It was okay. I always go see romantic comedies hoping I'll run into the one out of every dozen that I truly end up loving. This wasn't one of them. I can't remember the last romantic comedy I really loved. I'll have to think about that and get back to you.

3. In Bruges

It was really good. It would have been much better had the audience not talked through it. People in Los Angeles take their movies seriously, and don't talk through them. I decided to give the new Arclight up in the Valley a shot, and never again. Valley movie patrons don't appreciate the Arclight, nor do they appreciate movies. I'll stick to Los Angeles. (I haven't been here a year and a half and already I'm a snob, but really.) Back to the movie. I realized Colin Farrel is good looking. I don't think I've ever seen him in anything. But he's good looking. (wait, was he in that horrible Jennifer Garner superhero movie?) Its just weird watching a movie where you keep constantly thinking, "That person was in Harry Potter. That person too. Oop, that person too." This movie had Mad Eye Moody, Fleur Delacour, and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Bruges is Beautiful, with a capital B. Of course if this movie is big, you're going to have to wait a good long while to go there so it won't be so crowded. (and the midget in this is great too.)

I also got my tires aligned. Got an oil change. Went to Target. And watched 9 episodes of Gilmore Girls. That was my plan today- to spend all day watching Gilmore Girls.

I've been reading The Other Boleyn Girl. I'm trying to figure out which, if any, is more historically accurate, this or The Tudors. The time lines are off between the two, and they paint the sisters very differently. And of course The Tudors makes no mention of Mary having children by Henry. Of course they're both historical fiction, so neither has to be accurate. What's funny is that I'm reading it picturing everyone played by the person playing them in the Tudors, so it will be funny when I go see the movie and see Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johannsen and Eric Bana playing the King, Anne and Mary. (although I don't really remember Mary from the Tudors, they wrote her out pretty quickly.) Anyway, I did not finish War and Peace. My mind couldn't stay on it this weekend. Maybe next weekend. Maybe.


Elaine said...

whoa, youve been busy.

Its hard to fnd a good romantic comedy these days. The days of While You Were Sleeping are very over.

Talking in a movie theater should be illegal. People take it seriously in NY too, very serious. Especially in certain theaters in the village and some independent theaters. Unless you are in a ghetto area in which case most people are yelling at the screen (if its an action film or scary movie).

Its very annoying. Although, i can tell you for No Country for Old Men...that theater was dead quiet, and it was packed.

Anonymous said...

That's great the St. Vincent show was good. I should check her out. Jeanette asked me to see Blitzen Trapper with her next Friday, so let's hope she has good taste when it comes to all bands. BTW, pointless comment, but I'm a Natalie girl. ScarJo is not naturally pretty imo, but she has a great figure.