Sunday, February 3, 2008

My Wedding Cake-

I found my wedding cake (stop laughing) kind of. I'd want the pattern a little less flowery and a little more abstract, and obviously leave off the hideous pink boa.

2. (in case you weren't going to pick up on it- today's blog is a collection of random things) I went to see Juno today. I loved it. I think I had some of the same critisicms that other people did (would a 16 year old really talk like that?) but I know there probably are some 16 year olds out there like her. I loved her dad and her step-mom. Allison Janney was hilarious as always. This is her second best role next to Loretta's best friend in Drop Dead Gorgeous. I hope we see more of her on Weeds as Mary Louise Parker's attorney. But, some day I would like to see Michael Cera not play Michael Cera. Not that he's not cute and adorably akward, it would be nice to see him stretch.
I could probably watch Juno about 20 more times. Good thing Allen (Ben's roommate) discovered the wonderful world of bit torrents and has downloaded it and burned it to a DVD. Now just to get him to bring it over.

3. Sunday dinner at Malo. We've got the ongoing debate as to which is better, Malo or El Conquistador. Malo is more expensive, but I think the food is better. (You know- quesidilla vs. quesidilla.) Margaritas are better at El Conquistador, but considering I have a marg about once every two months, that's not really a factor for me. Leslie has put a one month ban on eating at El Conqustador, so that she doesn't burn out on it. I think I'll make it.
4. I bought myself a trash book to read after I finish War and Peace. The Other Boleyn Girl. After finishing "The Tudors" season one, I'm interested to see what take this has on the Anne/Mary saga. I'm exactly 200 pages from the end of War and Peace. (Something devastating happened. I'm so sad.) I wish they'd hurry up and defeat Napoleon already so that I wouldn't have to read any more war scenes, but I guess I shouldn't complain too much as the book is called War and Peace.
5. I did laundry. The thrill of the laundry mat has finally worn off. I want a washer and dryer again. I let it go too long in between going, and then its a pain because I have so much to do.
Future Blog topics-
101 LA things
Jane Ausen Books and Movies (That might be tomorrow's if I have time to sit and write it out well instead of junk spewed on the page like today.)
The Bottom Shelf of My Bookcase.
Why is spellcheck still not working? (That's not a topic, for some reason Blogger isn't letting me insert paragraphs correctly either.)


Elaine said...

ugh, the laundromat. i hate it so much because thats what we had to do the first 13 years of my life.

I COMPLETELY feel your pain. Ive promised myself that I'd never go back to needing a laundromat even if I live in a lets see how lucky I am with that wish! (no but seroiusly..I dont blame you AT ALL).

~Hinna said...

Where did we have margaritas when I visited you kids? I didn't like them that much. El Cholo and La Cabana still have better margs imo. And is that cake fondant? I love the look of fondant, but HATE the taste. I already know I'm getting a plain 3-tiered cake from albertons. They have a flavor of cake called lemon bar which I love.

Keeffer said...

we had margaritas at el conquistador, and those are the best. (because you can get them straberry flavor)

and i don't know if the cake is fondant. i pretty much expect wedding cake to taste bad. that's why you get a groom's cake.