Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Remember when I broke my toe last year?

Well, yesterday I dropped a book on it. The book happened to be War and Peace, hard cover. If ever there is a book you don't want to have hit your bad toe, its War and Peace.

The good news is, I've finished War and Peace. I admit, I skimmed the epilogue. I defy you to read that book and then not skim the epilogue. The bad news is, my toe really really hurts again. Not enough that I'm going to go to the doctor. But enough that I'm going to keep it wrapped up for a few days.

I went to the doctor for something else yesterday, and that was painful, unpleasant and he warned me the after-effects could last 2 days to 6 weeks. Wanna narrow that down a bit? I have a checkup in two weeks, and then again in 6 months. But this will probably never be fully over.

I'm slowly catching up at work. Maybe some day I'll feel like I'm not snowed under. I've put in 8.5 hours of overtime already this week, so at least that more than covers my massage yesterday. I've found an affordable massage place thanks to Maureen, so I think everytime I find an extra $50 around, I'm going to try to work one in. I'm pretty much a very tightly wound person, and they really seem to help.


Anonymous said...

Eek, hopefully the toe will get better. This reminds me of the story of bob Marley. But I won't go into that. You'll just get more tightly wound.

Keeffer said...

wait, didn't he break it playing football (soccer) and the doctor noticed skin cancer on it, which was malignant, and had already spread to his brain and then it killed him?

which i've always thought was funny because his family licenced his name to a shoe company. and i'm sorry, but if you're shoeless enough to get skin cancer on your toe that kills you, then maybe shoes aren't the things your family should use your name to sell.

unless they do it in a "if he had only worn shoes, he would still be with us." kind of way.

hokgardner said...

I think the massage idea is a good one. I wish I could find extra money lying around, but I don't think the pennies I find will cover a massage.

e said...

im sure massages are nice...I should probably get over not liking to be touched by strangers. then maybe one day ill try it out.

good news about catching up at work. dont kill yourself've had very trying past couple of weeks.