Friday, July 18, 2008


An 8G iPod is not big enough. Ever since the great iPod theft of '08
I've only had my iPhone to use and stuff comes up too frequently. I
need the variety that comes with more storage space.

Leslie is in negotiations with the plumber to get us $200 each for
replacement iPods. Yes, mine was older but there was a lot of music on
it that I can't get back without spending a lot of money. Plus, a
comperable one is $250, so we're each taking a hit.

If we get any money out of him the plan is to put it in savings for
when I buy a laptop BUT I'm not sure how long I can live on an 8G
iPhone alone.

Ah, the problems we modern people have.


Elaine said...

oh, so they admit to stealing them huh? thieves.

Keeffer said...

no, they haven't. But we aren't letting it go. Thank god leslie is a lawyer. I think that will help our cause.