Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 9

I've been without fast food for 9 days now. I've been limiting myself
to 3 cokes a day for 9 days now.

I skipped lent this year due to poor timing. Buy the good thing about
not being religious is that you can do lent any time. I'm definitely
going to do the whole 40 days 40 nights plus Sundays thing. But I may
extend it to see just how long I can go.

The fast food thing is harder than the coke thing. I tend to open a
lot of cokes, but I never finish them. So I'm just more careful about
how many I open.

The fast food thing though... That's hard. It's just so easy with how
my life works to eat fast food. If I'm going from one meeting to the
next with only 20 minutes to spare, what else am I going to do?
Answer- maybe carry cereal bars around? I don't know.

So far I haven't craved it yet though. That's good. I've only wanted
it becuase it's easy. When I start craving it, that's when it gets


hokgardner said...

Brandon constantly grumbles about my half-drunk sodas lying around the house. I have to limit myself to one a day, though, due to the baby.

But one of my few pregnancy-related cravings is McDonald's french fries.

Elaine said...

What about deli food?

Keeffer said...

Deli food would be great. But I don't always know where the good ones are between meetings. And unfortunately there isn't a good deli anywhere near my office. The best we've got is quiznos.

Runner Dude said...

3 cokes a day!
420 calories a day
2940 calories a week
50 pounds a year- ouch

Keeffer said...

I'm quite happy with my 140 pounds. If I weigh any less my face starts looking gaunt. So, I can afford the 3 cokes a day.

soniasax said...

"i really like depriving myself of things. it's fun! very monastic." -cosmo kramer

i just wanted to say good luck and i'll be quite impressed if you make it over 40 days. :)

hokgardner said...

Should we blow runner dude's cover and say who he really is?

Keeffer said...

I didn't know dad was trying to hide his identity.