Saturday, July 26, 2008


I feel like I'm owed something good sometime soon. I've had my laundry
stolen. I've had my iPod stolen. And I don't think I'm ever going to
see my jumper cables again.

Last week I was running late for work, got halfway down my street and
realized I'd forgotten my work cellphone. I turned around and came
back to get it. As I'm leaving the house for a second time, even later
for work, one of my neighbors approaches me asking if I have jumper
cables. I said yes and he asked if I could also take a minute to help
jump start his car.

He lives a little further down the road from me and I drove down there
and let him handle the jump start process. His girlfriend said, "thank
you so much. We're running late for work already." I told them to hang
on to the jumper cables for the rest of the day in case the car didn't
start again later and the girlfriend said, "thank you so much. We'll
get these back to you. You have such good karma coming your way."

Well, so far I've seen neither the jumper cables nor the good karma.

PS- I know karma doesn't really work like that. But life would be a
little nicer if everyone behaved as if it did.


hokgardner said...

According to Earl, you do good things and good things happen to you. Karma will kick in soon.

knittergran said...

Maybe their car was stolen with your jumper cables in it.
(Boy, is that not a way for ME to have good karma.)
You need new neighbors...

Elaine said...

karma will happen. not right may even take years but it's coming. as you can see, I believe in karma.