Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Leslie and I were robbed.

Today's blog was going to be about WALL-e, the flex power deal, and some general stuff, but now I'm just too distracted by being robbed.

First it was my laundry from the laundrymat. Now its my iPod.

Leslie and I have been having some plumbing issues. Today they were finally fixed, completely. But in exchange, dude took our iPods. Leslie noticed hers was missing first, which triggered me looking for mine.

Those of you who know me will ask, "how do you know if something is missing from your room?" Oh, I know, most of the time. I have a semi-photographic memory for where stuff is. Last night my stomach wasn't feeling too great, and i needed pepto. I knew it was under the pile of stuff in the blue box on my book shelf. Because in my mind I could see it there.

I know my iPod was on my floor A) because I could see it there and B) because it was under the legs of my chair and I kept thinking, "I should move that before I crush it with the legs of my chair."

Funny thing was this- I was checking my jewelry box to make sure everything was there as she comes in to the room to say, "I think I'm going crazy because I think the plumber stole my iPod."

I'm hoping I post this and it turns out, and I have to swallow my words about worker dude stealing my iPod. I hope Leslie is wrong and she did take hers to work.


Elaine said...

oh my goodness. I can't believe this. If that guy really did take your IPODS he's really a dumbass..coz who else would have done it?

I hope you guys get your stuff back. And I also hope they reimburse you for the plumbing.

soniasax said...

plumbers. they're a shady bunch with their cracks and their thievery. it's pretty creepy that they rifled through your stuff. most plumbers in boston are irish. but that's neither here nor there.