Monday, January 26, 2009

back and away again

i'm back from vegas.  it was an exhausting weekend, even though i did sleep almost all saturday.  not having slept for more than 3 hours a night for 3 nights prior to leaving made for a draining weekend.  

now i'm back, and have one more day at work, and tomorrow night, to get a million things done before leaving for aspen.  

good things about the aspen trip:
  • wednesday is a travel day.  i won't get any sleep tomorrow night because i'll be shopping, packing and doing laundry- but i can sleep on the plane and in the car to denver.
  • skiing all day will lead to good, solid nights of sleep.  
  • skiing.  i mean, its skiing!
  • getting to see my dad and my uncles.  the o'keeffes are pretty damn funny people.  
  • hopefully getting to see one of my good friends from college, who i haven't seen since our other friend's wedding too, too many years ago.
  • sunday- travel day.  meaning sleep in the car, sleep on the plane.  hopefully get back in to LA at a decent hour and get a good night's sleep in my own bed. 
Then it will be back to real life.  5 days a week of work.  two days off to relax and get life's errands done.  luckily february 16th will be coming up soon- and we'll have a three day weekend.  i should plan something for that day off.  i have to come up with a good theme party for presidents' day.  (hey let's celebrate presidents' day- now that we've got one we're not ashamed of?)

at least i think its presidents day.


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Elaine said...

yes, it's presidents day! and then after that I think we might get something for easter..if not then memorial day...which is simply too far away.

and have an awesome time. aspen must be just gorgeous. enjoy your family :)