Sunday, January 18, 2009

to retrench

at this point, i haven't felt the economic crunch.  i have just as much money as i did before everything went south.  

so i have two options- start saving or spend like i usually do.

1- start saving- protects me in case i lose my job.  it will mean i have money to live off of while i look for another job, which could take awhile with everything that's going on.  

2- spend like i usually do- which is good for the rest of the economy.  if i start keeping all my money, then the stores i patronize don't earn as much money, and they have to lay people off.  and its all trickle down from there. ( i realize that my paltry amount of disposable income doesn't affect anything.  but when you add it to EVERYONES' disposable income- that's when it all starts making a difference.)

i think i'm going to try for a happy medium.  not as much starbucks (for someone who doesn't drink coffee, i go in for a lot of black tea lemonades.) cut out the pedicures completely (except for the pre-vegas one i'm getting thursday night.) hour massage instead of hour and a half? ( i only get massages once every month and a half.) eat lunch in more often?   

i worry about what i'd do if i lost my job.  a lot.  more than i should.  they haven't talked about layoffs yet- but i think i should be prepared, just in case its me. 

one interesting thing happened yesterday- i was having a prescription refilled, and insurance denied it for whatever stupid reason.  the pharmacy called them- and they said, "we don't know why we're denying it, but we are."  so i asked how much it was going to be out of pocket for me to pay for it until it got straightened out and she said, "$47.08."  i usually pay $45 with insurance, so i was like, "fill it- its not a problem."  she said, "let me see if i can get you a discount on it because of all of this." so when i went in to pick it up, it was only $27."  i think its weird that i got a better deal on it through the pharmacy without insurance than i did with insurance.  again, i hate insurance.  and i thanked the pharmacist profusely.  (i'm still going to try to figure out why they denied it.)


Diane said...

My company just let 10 people go. They are talking about 12 more. 22 doesn't sound like a lot, but that is a 10% cutback. On top of that, there are also discussions about cutting hourly people back to 4-day weeks, twice a month. Not 4 10's.

This also means I am REALLY busy... but the running joke now is that I will be the last to go. I will process everyone's COBRA, cancel appropriate benefits, etc... and the last name to come across my desk will be mine. I am now of the mind that no one's job is safe. I'm glad I'm living rent free annnd my car is almost paid off.

Elaine said...

i don't even talk about how the economy crush has hurt me because it's depressing, but yeah...they are cutting all public sector jobs like crazy. lets hope with obama larger government = me having a job I won't be afraid to lose. especially healthcare, social services and law enforcement...which is what i freakin got a masters in.

you're lucky.