Monday, January 12, 2009

my poor niece (with harry potter spoilers)

my niece has been obsessed (that's a fair word) with harry potter for more than half her life.  it started with the movies, and then as soon as she was old enough to have chapter books read to her, my brother-in-law started reading them to her at bedtime.  i think she's even read the first two on her own. 

well, he recently started the 6th book, and this will be the first one that she hasn't seen the movie of in advance, so she doesn't know the story.  she doesn't know dumbledore dies.  when they get to the 7th book, she will have to deal with one of the twins dying.  and lupin and tonks.  i feel so bad, because she doesn't know what's in store.  something she loves so much is going to turn on her.  

she knows someone dies, but she doesn't believe its any of the people above, because they can't die.  she just thinks the books end with ron married to hermione and harry married to ginny (someone at school told her that's how it ends.)  she doesn't realize everything she's going to have to go through to get to that last chapter.  poor little girl.  


hokgardner said...

I don't think I'll be able to be in the room when B gets to the hard chapters.

soniasax said...

well, obviously i'm no longer in my tender, sensitive youth. that aside, i was in her boat when reading book six last year. i saw all the movies in the theater and only started reading the books after deathly hallows came out. kids these days must be tough. i don't recall reading anything with this much death as a kid.

Elaine said...

my mother is a huge harry potter fan...way before the movies. she reads a lot of kids books because of her job and clicked on that.

she hated the last book. she said she's never been more disappointed in an author. now, i haven't read them but I know she didn't agree with some of the deaths that happened.

and she also felt like she left it hanging when it came to what happened to some of the professors and what becomes of the school.

Diane said...

Poor thing! Sometimes I start to daydream when I am reading the books and think about sharing them with my kids. (in the very distant future.) My daydream always end at the same point... What age could I introduce the books to the kid(s)? Or can I get away with only sharing the first part of the story and waiting till they are older to share the ending?

As the books were published, it wasn't such a conundrum. There was a year or two between each book. There was a lot of growing and learning for the younger readers. Now... they can get through the series as quickly as they can read them.