Tuesday, January 20, 2009

i want glasses

i don't need them, i just want them.  i think they would look good on me.  

and apparently i'm right.  tonight i saw leslie's glasses sitting on the bathroom counter, and i put them on, just to see how they looked.  they look PERFECT!  they're exactly what i want.  

of course they have to be $500 oliver peoples glasses.  which aren't exactly in my price range for fake accessories. 

now that i've taken them off so i can see to type, i feel like i look incomplete without the glasses.  


hokgardner said...

Take it from someone who has worn glasses since she was 16 - you don't really want them. I'd love to have the eye surgery done, but given our genetic disposition towards scarring (thanks knittergran), I'm not a good candidate.

I can barely see to type this since I'm not wearing my glasses.

soniasax said...

wow, you do look stylish in those! glasses are a great accessory item. i'm a contact wearer, but i'll occasionlly wear my glasses just to change my look. i think you should shop around. there could be cheaper frames out there that you like!

Elaine said...

i agree with hokgardner...it really isn't fun. Ive had glasses since I was 7.

and all frames that are worthwhile are expensive, especially with the addition of a rx, plus the cost to shrink the lense down. yu of course won't have to do that...but the cost blows. wait till your really old and you'll HAVE to wear them.

my glasses came to around 500 too, and if you count the contacts it was around 650 and i don't do that designer crap. i just like them to be stylish since I wear them everyday.

i say try CVS...seriously..sometimes they have cute ones.