Wednesday, January 28, 2009

how did they go missing???

I'm beginning to think i lost an entire box of CDs in the move to LA.  

some CDs i mailed to myself when i moved out here.  I carefully catalogued the CDs, making a list of what went in each box, labeled the box, and mailed it.  that way, if one box didn't arrive, i would know exactly which CDs were lost.  

the rest of the CDs remained in my parents basement until i was ready to have them shipped here.  over the past 2 years, I've periodically had them ship them out.  once i had my new computer and have the storage space to rip all of them- i went ahead and had them mail me everything.  

for the past two years, anytime i couldn't find a CD i assumed it was in my parents basement.  but now that all my CDs are here, I'm finding that a whole bunch of them are missing. 

Rage Against the Machine - Renegades (make fun all you want- but this is great to work out to)
Rage Against the Machine- Battle of Los Angeles (ditto)
The Darkness - whatever it was called (admit it- you loved "i believe in a thing called love")
Franz Ferdinand - You Could Have it So Much Better (luckily Leslie had this on her computer so I've just stolen the files)
Beck- The Information (okay- i can't blame this on the move since i bought it while living here- but its missing and it irks me.)
They Might Be Giants- Apollo 18 (i wanted to listen to Fingertips the other day and didn't have the original, and didn't want to use the live version from the spine)
Cake- Comfort Eagle (this one is only $8 on iTunes and i've been tempted so many times to just buy it there.  i wouldn't find it for less than that in a used CD store.)

so those are what i can remember off the top of my head right now, and there are many more.  but now i have to figure out what to do.  are they worth replacing (i say yes- if i remember I'm missing them.) I'm going to keep a list of them in my phone and hopefully i can find them all in the used Amoeba bins.  

but its still a mystery as to where they ended up.

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