Saturday, January 17, 2009

new music

i just grabbed 291 songs off leslie's computer to listen to.  not all of them are new to me.  some are old things that i just don't have digital copies of, but some are things i've never heard.  new bands or albums to listen to and see if i like. 

this is perfect timing seeing as indie 103.1, the only tolerable (music) radio station in los angeles, is now spanish language.  two months ago they got rid of their morning host, joe escalante, who was great, and the station just kept getting worse and worse.  they were only playing one good song at a time- and i was finding myself having to flip around the dial a lot.  i listen to a lot of NPR, but there are times when you just want music in the car.  

anyway- turns out they were being forced to play more mainstream stuff.  thursday at 10 AM they announced they were going off the air, and to internet only, and back to their original format- not the crappy one they had turned in to lately.  so- someday when i can listen to internet radio in my car- i'll have indie back again.  

but until then- i need new stuff to listen to, because i'm bored with most everything i already own.  we'll see if i love any of this stuff i got from leslie.  i still have to download the new coconut records.  

now all i need is a stereo for my car that i can plug my iPod into, but that kind of luxury is WAY down on my list of things to spend money on.  

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soniasax said...

god that's so sad. i feel lucky to have a couple of decent local college stations- we don't even have a proper regular indie station. i hope you find some of leslie's music to your liking.