Thursday, January 8, 2009

Everything will be okay.

today was a pretty crappy day.  work was bad.  i had to stay late to finish stuff up.  i have to be back at 7 tomorrow morning.  i got in the car and listened to the economic forecast.  "hey everyone- 10 million people are out of work and another 5 million are going to lose their jobs." and i got even more depressed/stressed thinking about everything that can go wrong in the world. 

and then i happen to look up and see a sheet draped from the highway overpass and liked what it said. 


i wanted to stop and take a picture.  

will everything be okay tomorrow?  will everything be okay for everyone?  no.  but i like that there's someone out there optimistic enough to paint that message on a sheet, hang it over the highway- and try to make everyone feel better.  just a little reminder to look at the positive side. 

i have a job that pays enough to pay my bills.
i have amazing friends/coworkers.
i love my family.

so- while i could make an even longer list of everything that's crappy- i'm not going to. the good outweighs the bad, even if sometimes the bad list seems longer.

(this is probably the sappiest blog i'll ever write.  i just liked the sign.)


hokgardner said...

I needed to see that sign. It probably would have done me some good. Maybe I'll make my own and hang it somewhere for someone else to see.

Runner Dude said...

When life in the US has you down think about this
1- you open the faucet you have clean pure water
2- you flip a switch and you have light.
Most people on earth do not have either.

Elaine said...

i's so hard to think on the bright side sometimes when everything around us is sinking but I just know it'll get has to.

knittergran said...

Oh great. Now I have the song that has the lyrics "Ev er y thing's go ing to be all right, rock a bye" in my head. I don't know who sings it or anything. But it's stuck in my brain.
But it's cool that someone put up the sign!