Monday, June 22, 2009

30 rock

i can identify a lot with 30 rock

(yes, i'm supposed to be studying but i've got 30 rock going in the background because i study better with sound. i love that seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream on netflix.)  

there's a lot about liz lemon that i can relate to. work and life.

anyway- it makes me wonder

a) how would i deal with a boss who really was like jack.  yes, he's hilarious- but would he actually be more annoying than he was amusing?
b) what would it be like to be a page?  would it be fun to do for a day just to see? kenneth enjoys it, but kenneth has little to no brain.  
c) there was another thing but i forgot.

part two of this- i'm trying to figure out what to get myself as a reward for passing LEED.  the iphone is now out of my budget, so i need to find something else that is a big enough treat, but is still in my price range.  i've got 5 days to think.

anyway, i should get back to studying.


Beth said...

Oddly enough, Liz Lemon reminds me of you too. I had a feeling that you liked that show. I don't think you'd like to be a page, although you could break out the Dejuvana name tag again and mess with people. That would get you through. Jack is clean and needs help,so I think if the pay was good, or there was some reward for you to offset Jack's zanyness,I think you be fine there too.

Elaine said...

one of my good friends was actually a page (named kenneth) at NBC. now he's a writer on SNL. He enjoyed being a page. And the joke was that he's the "real Kenneth the Page". hahaha. He met with the actor Kenneth the Page several times! The real Kenneth knows everything there is to know about the studio, its scary.

Honestly, I think that most woman who are independent in nearly every way identify with Liz Lemon. I think thats what makes her awesome.
Under my facebook description I say See: Liz Lemon. She doesn't need anyone to prove she's successful and neither do you.