Saturday, June 13, 2009

i want to go where caesar lived.

i saw the hangover last night.  and now i want to go back to vegas.  

the nice thing about living in LA is that it is just a weekend trip.  you can leave after work on friday (traffic is horrible) but you get there, take a quick nap, and then get ready to go out.  its the sunday drive home that's the really painful part (even if you're not hungover.)  everyone from LA is driving home, on the only road available, and again the traffic is horrible.  plus you're tired, most likely at least a little hungover, and just want to sleep.

if you go with the right people, vegas is always going to be fun.  last time i went, i loved the people i went with, but their planned activities were not my planned activities.  i'm not much of a club person, so going to Jet and Tao weren't high on my list of things to do.  everyone else enjoyed themselves.  now at least i can say i've been.  my preferred activities are gambling (low buy-ins of course.  the $5 blackjack tables are perfect.)

its fun just hanging out, wandering around, drinking, taking in the sights, etc.  and if you do it right, its not even an expensive weekend.  the first time i ever gambled i think i came home just $80 poorer (that means i won enough to offset the hotel, food, everything.)  the guys in the hangover spent a TON of money, but... that's a movie.  the villa they rented did seem pretty nice. 

plus for some reason i just really want to go lie out at a pool right now.