Wednesday, June 3, 2009

new favorite website?

or not?

i was bitten on sunday by what i thought was a fire ant.  4 days later i realize, that's no fire ant bite.  it's a spider bite.  i can see the two fang holes in the middle of a dime sized large red welt.  i go on line and type "spider bite" into the search engine and it comes back with "bad spider bites dot com"  and the pictures are amazing.  

but... now i'm convinced that my spider bite is something serious and a week from now i'm going to look like the worst of pictures on there.  it HAS been getting worse every day. and it did hurt like HELL when it happened.  and the site says "flu like symptoms" and i feel like sh*t.

i would feel completely stupid going to my doctor saying, "i got bitten by a spider, can you look at this?" but i would also feel stupid if in a week it is even larger and redder and i have to go in and say, "well i didn't want to make a big deal about it before because i thought it was nothing."  
the thing is, i almost never kill spiders because of that kids book where they kill all the spiders at the zoo and all the animals end up miserable because they're bothered by flies.  i leave them be, thinking, "i hate flyingbugs more than i hate bugs that just mind their own business in their webs."  if this gets worse, i'm killing every spider out there.


hokgardner said...

Jeez. Given everything that happens to you when you come to visit - bites, repeated episodes of the plague - I'm surprised you're willing to visit anymore.

Elaine said...

oh man. well, i dont think you should not go to the doctor.

seriously, you should hear the stupid questions we get in the health dept. i dont think being concerned about a spider bite is bad at all.

we had a woman call us several weeks ago because she put raid in her daughters hair. she thought it would kill her daughters lice. THATS stupid.