Wednesday, June 10, 2009

oh DMV

my car and the state of california do not have a great track record.

today was my return trip to the DMV to fix the fact that my last trip led to a driver's license that read "Drobertson." 

and to pay my registration fee.

and to figure out why they sent me a "suspension" notice in the mail telling me that i don't have insurance coverage.  

turns out the DMV doesn't take care of the suspension notice, and i have to take care of that separately, and so i paid my fee, and left without new stickers- called the number to try to figure out why they think i don't have insurance (that's figured out) but it will be another week before the paperwork gets straightened out.  so another week of driving with expired tags, and hoping that i don't get pulled over.

of course while i'm taking care of all of this- i'm sitting in the parking lot with my car turned off WITH THE LIGHTS ON!!!! and my car battery dies.  i look up, and there is a AAA guy parked right in front of me.  do i have AAA?  no.  But i go over, and say nicely, "I don't have AAA, but can i pay you to jumpstart me?" he says no, but that he'll do it for free.  i tip him the only cash i have on me, $4. and go on my way.

i must have had some karma for the fact that i was nice to people today at the DMV when i wanted to be like, "Drobertson, does that sound like a real name?."

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