Monday, June 8, 2009

LEED and the new iPhone

in 18 days i take the LEED exam.  i haven't started studying yet.  i was supposed to start studying tonight, and really crack down every single night until the test comes along.  but i left the book on my desk at work.  crap.  

today they released the information about the new iPhones.  the one i want is $299.  the LEED test is $300.  if i pass the LEED test, i get reimbursed by my company for the full amount.  sooooo...  i'm kind of tempted to tell myself that i can take that money and buy the new iPhone.  its got 3G, 32gigs, GPS, all the bells and whistles that one could want. plus i need some sort of incentive to study for this test (seeing as i will never actually get a LEED project with the way my company has been restructured- i feel like it's pointless.)  

nevermind that my car needs a tune up and a new clutch.  i need a new mattress desperately.  i need to re-register my car with the state.  there are a million things i NEED to buy, but they aren't as fun as the iPhone.  

i'm trying to tell myself that i don't really want the new iPhone, because they have the stupid plastic shell instead of the metal one like mine has.  but the 32gig storage is winning that battle.  since i no longer have an iPod (thanks plumber) having more storage is vital.  i have to delete music in order to put anything new on my phone, and that stinks. 

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Runner Dude said...

And it has voice recognition