Monday, January 28, 2008

ahhhh, internet!

We've been without internet since Thursday, and its killed me. Luckily this weekend was sort of a low key weekend. We sat around doing nothing, watching the Tudors. Leslie had her party. But it would have been nice to you know, go on line, read emails, check everything.

But, we have internet now. Recap-

Thursday- There were two new episodes of Chuck. They really made me realize how much I miss new TV. I MISS new TV.

Friday- I stayed in. Relaxed. Watched the Tudors

Sat- Dinner for Leslie's birthday- then Leslie's party- V. fun. We went to Masa for dinner (i've never been to a restaurant so incredibly rude about the "no substitutions" rule. they wouldn't even let people order salad with the dressing on the side. when allison begged for dressing on the side, and it came back wrong the waitress actually said, "well you can see that i wrote it down right." it was laughable how horrible they were about catering to the customer. i wore my amazingly awesome dress (i'll have to take pictures) then to the fountain room. and then came home and stayed up all night talking. allison and chris left at 6:30, allen left at 7:30 when i went to get breakfast, and jeanette was asleep on our couch when i got back.

Sunday- slept all day to make up for staying up all Sat. night- watched the remaining two episodes of the tudors. went to bed and got a good night's sleep.

Monday- a) I discovered a sticker on my car. I swear it wasn't there before. Willis claims to have left it on Thursday. I can't believe i didn't notice it before. I got a present from my mom. A really pretty necklace, and a jesus bracelet. Leslie is jealous about the bracelet. and I have a new rule. Anytime I think about work outside of work, i have to stop. I get worked up and that's not what my time away from the office is supposed to be. My phone broke, and I couldn't get my text messages (and you know how I'm addicted to text messaging.) and so that wasn't going to work- but I just got off the phone with the service rep and he fixed it.

so, there's my extremely incoherent recap of my last few days without internet. this is what my life turns into without internet.

tomorrow's blog- my birthday.


~Hinna said...

I've got the cake recipe for the birthday! And I have a cake carrier and everything!

Elaine said...

oh my!

1. I hate rude restaurants. And sometimes its so hard to fight back with them because you dont want spit in your food. but yeah, I wouldnt go back there.

2. I love that dress. And I want to see the bracelet. im nosy.

3. Im proud that you survived several days without a cell phone and internet. that can be really annoying when you need to get stuff done.

4. I still wish i could celebrate your birthday with you guys.