Sunday, January 6, 2008

why i love my room

people always ask, "how can you live in your room? its tiny." yes, my room is tiny, but have you looked out the window?

i've especially appreciated my view while i've been in bed sick for these past (counts) 8 days. i feel like i live in a treehouse. sure, my room IS tiny. there's room for almost nothing. but i have a view. its why when leslie and i got the apartment and the question of who got what room came up i quickly said, "i'll take the little one."

someday, if i ever get to build a dream house- this is the way my bed will be situated. with this view out the windows.

1 comment:

hokgardner said...

I see why you wanted the smaller room. I'd love to have a view like that next to my bed!