Wednesday, January 23, 2008

open forum.

i made it through today. barely. i need to go to bed, but i'm not tired.

i met a new client, she was nice. the meeting took 4 and a half hours out of my day that i didn't feel like i could lose but oh well. tomorrow morning i have an 8:30 meeting that is going to be HORRIBLE. just horrible.

open forum- i'd talk about stuff at work, but i don't like that just anyone can read this. myspace gives you 4 levels of privacy for your blogs, which is nice. i could set who could read what. people without myspace, people who are my myspace friends, people on a preferred list, or just me. it made it a lot easier to not have to self edit what you vented about- just set who was allowed to read it.


my brilliant thought for the day. your car should have your cellphone number. if you take your keys out of your car, but your lights are still on, your car should call you after 5 minutes to let you know.

this didn't happen to me today, just i'm paranoid that i'll leave my lights on, and i think this would be an awesome feature.

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Elaine said...

I long for jetsons cars already. Cars should definitely have user friendly features. I agree with you.

I want my car to have my hot tea waiting for me in my cup holder when I get out there and Im freezing.