Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Birthday

I'm making a big deal out of my birthday this year. A BIG deal. I'm inviting a ton (okay, like 15-17) of people. Basically everyone I like who I want to spend my birthday with. So far I'm undecided as to what we're going to do... but I know who I'm inviting.

I'm thinking dinner at Maggiano's, because they can handle large groups. But I'm not sure. Recently I heard you can get private rooms for karaoke, and that would be AMAZING, but Jeanette told Leslie that private karaoke is her idea and i can't use it. (actually, it was a threat of lawsuit, this is what happens when your friends are lawyers.)

But Maggiano's isn't all that interesting. I want to come up with something fun, and off beat that maybe I've never done before that I could drag my friends a long to. Not "Medieval Times" but kind of like that, only more LA. It would almost be funny to do something touristy like take a tour bus of Hollywood, then go have dinner at some tourist restaurant or something. I don't know, I'm still thinking.

Anyway- after I said yesterday that today's blog was going to be about my birthday- this happens.

One of the project administrators at work can read other peoples' calendars and e-mails. I had sent out the invite to the 6 people in my office who I want to come, and she saw it on their calendars, and then invited herself today. I don't want her to come, but here's how she invited herself. "I'd like to come to that if I'm not too old." How do you tell someone that she isn't "your people" and that her being there would bring the night down? It just absolutely would not be the same if she were there. I don't want to hurt her feelings, but my birthday will be about me getting what I want. So somehow this has to be fixed.

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Elaine said...

maybe just let her know that you only want to invite a set amount of people. I mean, 15 is a lot (well to me it is at least) and she should respect you wanting to do what you want to do on your own birthday.

she'll be fine. its best to be honest with her than to have to feel tension during your birthday celebration.

okay, im just gonna list a couple of things that might be fun for a birthday...

-disco bowling (so freaking funny)
-wine tasting/winery tour
-i have never done it ever, but I heard laser tag is fun. paintball too but thats seems painful.
-do something near a beach, a yacht ride or something?

okay i might think of more. i dunno.