Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Favorite Way to Blow 15 Bucks Online

I’m not a big online shopper. Instant gratification is too important to me, so the process of waiting for something to come in the mail doesn’t work. Plus, I actually like stores and shopping. I like looking around at things, even if I can’t afford them. I like looking for what I’m going to buy. The internet robs me of all of that.

iTunes is the only exception. iTunes is instant gratification. I love iTunes for downloading one off songs. I don't use it for buying whole albums because I prefer to have the physical CD if I am going to have all the songs. But for one song at a time, its the greatest thing known to man.

My sister's request of a handheld yahtzee game led to me getting a $15 iTunes giftcard at christmas, so last night I got to spend an hour downloading songs. (so it was even better because my downloading was free!)

1- Vampire Weekend- Mansard Roof- my radio station started playing this a few weeks ago and I love it. I think I’m going to end up kicking myself for just buying one song instead of going to the store and buying the whole album.

2. The Real Tuesday Weld- Bathtime in Clerkenwell- They used this in an episode of Weeds and I liked it. And the Weeds website is great about listing all of the music they used in each episode so I was easily able to find what it was. If I’m ever healthy again its going to go on my workout mix for me to run to.

3. M.I.A. - Paper Planes- The first time I heard this I was kind of upset. How hard is it to write a good song when you just sample a fantastic Clash song? (Straight to Hell- its probably my second favorite Clash song.) Anyway- they play it a lot on the radio, and its grown on me. It’s a great song.

4. ‘NSync- Girlfriend (Neptunes Remix) Nelly does the rap for it. I’m sorry- but I love this song. I had to stop myself from downloading a bunch more ‘NSync songs. My old roommate Jessica used to have all of their CDs and I admit, I enjoyed them. I used them for working out- and they’re damn good workout songs. Someday I’ll add more ‘NSync to the collection.

5. Tripping Daisy- My Umbrella- I had this on a mix tape in highschool. I’m slowly trying to collect all the good songs from my mix tapes for my mp3 player. I probably hadn’t heard this song in 10 years- its great.

6. Dead Can Dance- The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove- Another highschool mix tape song. Believe me, I searched for this one on line for years. Thank god for itunes making downloads easier to find. I know I haven’t heard this song since 1996, and its just as good as I remember it.

7. Pat Benetar- We Belong- It’s a great song- and I just think of Kelly singing this to Ryan at the office kareoke Christmas party.

8. Big Audio Dynamite- Rush- I love this. I remember when I found out that BAD was an off shoot of the Clash. I thought, "this explains so much."

9. Big Audio Dynamite- The Globe- honestly, I’m not sure how I didn’t own this stuff earlier. I need to buy more of their stuff- but I’m just starting with these two songs for now.

10. Bjork- Its Oh So Quiet- This is a college song- Freshman year to be exact. A girl down the hall had this CD, and I borrowed it to put it on a mix tape. I loved its use in "Happy, Texas."

11. Eminem- Lose Yourself- Yes, I bought an Eminem song. This is another great song, but another example of how maybe its not so hard to make a great rap when you just sample a great song to begin with. (Okay, it’s a really good rap too.)

12. Lo Fidelity Allstars- Battleflag- This song was WAY overused when it came out- (its use on ER Was pretty good- remember when they were all partying to this song, while Dr. Carter was almost being stabbed to death by Paris from Gilmore Girl’s husband?) Now that I’m not sick of it I want to hear it occasionally.

13. Matthew Sweet- Sick of Myself- I used to have this CD (100% fun) somewhere, and now I can’t find it. This is the only song off of it that I really wanted still. I do love Matthew Sweet.

14. Matthew Sweet- Girlfriend- getting Sick of Myself inspired me to buy his best song ever- Girlfriend. I bought two songs named "Girlfriend" last night.

15. G Love & Special Sauce- Cold Beverage- Do people who didn’t go to school in Athens, GA listen to G Love & Special Sauce? I don’t know if they were regional or national. This was a college party song. Sophmore year I'm not sure I went to a single party where someone didn't refer to this song. That's also the year of Barenaked Ladies. I think every party I went to they played "if I had a million dollars."

And because I had 15 cents still I treated myself to one extra song.

16. Fiona Apple- Criminal- Okay, Fiona Apple might be a whack job from what I remember, but I love this song. This is freshman year of college to a T. (Am I dating myself to give references to when I listened to these songs?)

Anyway, I still have about 60 songs to download, but this put a nice, (free) fun dent in the list.

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