Friday, January 11, 2008

The Great iPod Unheard Project-

Most of you know about my Great iPod Unheard Project already, (delete the playcounts of everything- put it all on one playlist- remove items from the playlist once the playcount shows 1 so that i know i've listened to it.)

Here's the deal though- as of starting this blog I have 1813 songs to go. I feel like I'm starting to get to the dregs of what's on my iPod. The stuff that I might say, "maybe I should delete that to make space for decent stuff."

I have a 30G iPod, and I'm down to 4 gigs free. They won't last too long I don't think. There's absolutely nothing wrong with my iPod. Nothing. but just knowing that I could go get a 80G for $250 or a 160G(!!!) for $350 kills me. I think I paid $350 for my 30G. I paid $250 for my 8Gmini. But I won't get a new iPod. I'll get an iPhone and keep my current iPod til it dies.

Anyway- back to the project- According to my Myspace blog I started this project on March 15th, so my goal is to finish it within the year. This means i have roughly 60 days to listen to 1813 songs. Average of 30 songs a day. Its time to start getting brutal. If I don't like it enough to listen to it (meaning I skip it when it comes up), maybe I don't like it enough to give it room on my iPod. According to my blog i had 4365 songs when I started- Now I have 4639, so I haven't really gotten that much new music this year. But it means I'm instituting a new rule-

Rule- any new songs I download have to be listened to immediately and cleared from the unheard list.

Someone ask me on the 15th if I'm finished, Please.

*note- by the end of tonight I'm down to 1793 songs. I think I covered my 30 for the day.

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