Tuesday, January 8, 2008

KFC's Bowl O' Crap

My love of the Famous KFC Mashed Potato Bowl is widely known. So when Jim saw this
he kindly sent it on to me, and all i can think is that Patton Oswalt secretly loved it and is just exaggerating for effect.

When KFC came out with their "Famous" Mashed Potato Bowl I saw the ads and said "Dear god what will they do next? Did KFC just look around the kitchen and throw all of their crap in a bowl? Its a Bowl O' Crap." But I was secretly thinking, "that looks really good." I just couldn't get past the cheese. I didn't think the cheese would work. One day the topic came up at work, and the more we all discussed it, the more I knew I was going to have to try it.

My original caption for this photo from my original blog was "look- it actually looks like vomit. but it was oh so good. like, "eat the whole bowl even though you aren't still hungry and think that gluttony is a weakness" type good."

Everything about that bowl is delicious. My only issue was that it needed a biscuit (they've since added the option of getting it with a biscuit.) The cheese that I couldn't get past (and that Patton has such a huge issue with) is what ties the whole bowl together. The corn, little nuggets of flavor that give the bowl some surprise as you chew.

Here's where we call a spade a spade. Its a bowl of crap. My use of that phrase has now led everyone I know to call this the "Bowl O' Crap." KFC came out with a Mexican Famous Bowl and Ben named that one "bowl de caca." We don't know the word for bowl, but that's good enough. (Ben's comment when he tried the Bowl O' Crap at my suggestion was that he could feel his heart stop beating as he was eating.)

Tips for ordering the Bowl O' Crap-
1. Don't actually call it the Bowl O' Crap. We have to stop ourselves every time and think, "wait, I want the mashed potato bowl."

Tips for eating the Bowl O' Crap-
1. Get it with a biscuit. Mix the biscuit in.
2. Don't eat the whole thing, especially if its your first time eating it. You have to build up a tolerance for that amount of crap.
3. Plenty of water.

Every year for Lent I give up fast food, and this year the Bowl O' Crap was what I longed for the most. I cheated just once (at the time I thought I had a really good reason. I don't remember what it was.) and it was to get the Bowl O'Crap. My first fast food meal after Easter- the Bowl O' Crap.

I think I know what I'm getting for lunch tomorrow.

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hokgardner said...

I've never seen that dish before. I avoid KFC because I hate fried chicken, but I may have to go to sample that creation.