Saturday, January 5, 2008

Blog #3

I started blogging in 2004. I went back to look at my Livejournal, and see if it was worth resurrecting, but no- no it wasn't. I switched to Myspace in 2005, and now that I use Facebook I was thinking I'd start a Facebook blog. But really, do I want to switch blogs every time a new social networking site becomes more popular than another?

I wish there were some sort of site I could go to that had a calender on it, and I could just post all my past blog entries from all sites on it chronologically. I'd purge all the stupid ones, and all the surveys. I'd purge the ones that I gave no frame of reference for. I'd re-post the concert write ups, the book reviews, the ones where I had a point, or talked about something in my life that was still relevant.

We'll see how long this blog lasts, or if I continue to blog at Myspace because that's where my friends still post.

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