Monday, January 14, 2008

Day 21

I went back to the doctor for the 3rd time today due to me having what we've decided is bird flu.

dr: how long have you had this?
me: this is officially day 21.
dr: wow, that's a really long time to be sick.
me: that's why I'm here.
dr: well adult onset asthma is really rare.
me: well i didn't think i had asthma. this was all triggered by a wicked cold that won't go away
dr: do you feel like you're having a hard time swallowing food? like its getting stuck in your throat or like you have heartburn?
me: no
dr: okay, well if you had that it would be this one condition. (goes into detail about condition)
me: well thanks, but i don't have that.
dr: well do you ever have irregular heartbeats?
me: yes, but i figured it was just stress.
dr: well, its a murmur, but i can put you on a medicine that's good for your stress/OCD and will help with your migraines.
me: thanks, but I'm letting my neurologist handle my migraines.

I swear, every dr. I've ever gone to has wanted to play around with putting me on different medicines for my migraines. Its like they've all just read some article and want someone to experiment on.

She offered to write refills on all of my meds (which now I'm wishing I'd taken her up on.) I left with two weeks worth of an allergy medicine that's supposed to be better for people with asthma. And she gave me a prescription for a nasal spray, which as soon as I told my mom about I was told not to take because its what caused her massive nosebleeds two months ago. Oh, and I'm supposed to use the inhaler as little as possible. Never mind that the inhaler is the only reason I can breathe sometimes.

And her office was grungy. I hate that you can never tell in advance whether or not the office will be decent. I would have left my card, but I hate medical work.


Elaine said...

whoa, bird flu! well, at least you aren't throwing up. maybes its SARS. just kidding.

So you have a heart murmur and all these cold symptoms and they still cant tell whats wrong?! Im guessing none of your glands are swollen to lead them to believe you have an infection so hopefully the asthma meds will help you out of this.

get better sarah :/

hokgardner said...

Well I have adult-onset asthma. ANd it was triggered by a cold that wouldn't go away.

See if you can get in to a pulmonologist. Mine never tries to tinker with any of my meds except for the ones he prescribes for asthma.

I'm sick now, but I think it's allergy-related. Blerg.