Wednesday, January 23, 2008

my head is going to explode

i've got one of those sinus headaches of mine that will turn in to a full blown migraine in about 2 hours. and taking my migraine meds and crawling into bed would fix it, but of course i don't have that luxury. and of course eating breakfast triggered the nausea that migraines bring. i woke up with this at 5:30, took two aleve (first line of defense) and nothings going. next up is the imitrex (without the sleep) and hope that i make it through the day. i've got too much to do, meetings that can't be cancelled, and three people who i need to give work to or they've got nothing to do today.

life must be awesome for people who don't get migraines, because my life is going to be miserable today.

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hokgardner said...

I'm sorry about your migraine. I've been on the edge of getting one today. The weather changes bring them on lately, and we had a cold front last night.