Saturday, January 19, 2008

Our Weird Neighbors Are Moving

Their house looks like a shack. They've got about 20 years of junk accumulated outside: abandoned appliances, stolen Starbucks umbrellas, chicken wire fencing that isn't continuous and therefore does no good, broken furniture. That always led me to believe they owned it. But over the past week they've been packing up their stuff and moving. This would be a great thing, except they're moving in to one floor of the house next to ours. I'm curious to know how much of the crap they're going to pack up to take with them to the new place, and how much they're going to leave behind.

What I'm really curious about is the car. They used to just have one car. A very very old burgundy Nissan of some sort. One day I saw them towing it on the street, and now its been parked in the same spot for at least three months, and they have two new (to them) cars. We have very very limited parking on our street, and many times when I've come home and had to park far away, I've been tempted to leave a note on their broken down car asking them to please park it someplace else. Other times I'm tempted to just call the police and find out what the code is on abandoned cars and have it towed. Depends on my mood.

What I'm also curious about is the shack. This neighborhood is going through a period of revitalization, and people with money are buying the places, and fixing them up. The shack is on a decent amount of land for LA, so I'm wondering if it will get knocked down and have two houses built on it, or whether the people who bought it will rehab it and spend some money on landscaping (that's what I'm hoping for. We don't have the parking for another house.) Nor is our street wide enough for construction equipment to make it up. Honestly, two cars can't even pass at a time.

Anyway, I guess I should be glad they are staying. All the weirdness of our street would have left with them. Our troubadour no longer wanders up and down the street playing guitar every night at 10. The cult vans aren't parked down in the cul-de-sac any more. We've got a band down the street who does practice really loudly from time to time, and throw massive parties that leave us unable to park within a mile of our house. But that's not that interesting- especially in LA. Every one's got that in their neighborhood.


Elaine said...

I dont blame you for not wanting to know. If their shack is getting knocked down and two new houses go up---that means a ton of noise for you and Leslie for the next year.

hokgardner said...

We had the best time watching our across the street neighbors on St. Johns move. For two weeks, they brought pile after pile of stuff out of the back yard and put it in the front yard. The piles seemed to disappear in the night. Two weeks after they moved out, the landlord put another pile of stuff they had left behind out at the curb for people to take. The former tenent came by and FREAKED out that he had moved her stuff out like that. We heard her on the phone cursing at him for 15 minutes.

Life was a lot less entertaining after they moved.