Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cloverfield- With some minor spoilers

(I still don't know why its called that. edit- a little websearch explained.)

Anyway- I think I liked the movie. (I'm debating on saying whether or not I loved it.) I love disaster movies, and you make a disaster movie with a big monster or aliens and I'm probably going to like it. This one was a great way to spend 90 minutes.

I was annoyed at first by the video camera style of filming thinking, "someone has wanted to do this since home movies of 9/11 cropped up I bet." but I got over it. It also took too long to get into the meat and potatoes part of the movie. But they did it to set up a storyline, that was pretty necessary to them staying in the city and not leaving the first (second if you count the bridge) chance they got. Also, I highly doubt the power really would have stayed on that long considering the situation. But, a 40 foot monster is attacking the city, and all the military force in the world isn't bringing it down. I think we're way past believable at this point.

What's probably best is that it leaves you with no answers at the end.

The second topic- I went to see it at the Mann's Grauman's Chinese Theater. I'm going to make an effort to do more things around the city (especially touristy things) so I know the place a little bit better. I'd been to Hollywood and Highland to go to Anne Taylor, and to bowl at Lucky Strikes, so I'd seen the area. But I'd never gone to the Chinese Theater. I think if I ever go again I'll take a tour.

What's kind of sad is all the people dressed up like movie characters out front who you can have your picture taken with. Its how these people make their living, and I can't imagine it pays well. Maybe its fulfilling work? The saddest was a 65 year old woman dressed up like Lucille Ball. I just kept thinking, "what does she do about health care?" She didn't look like she could keep it up much longer, and then how will she earn money?

The area was beyond crowded with tourists. Of course it was, its a tourist area. Most self respecting Angelinos wouldn't be caught dead at Hollywood and Highland. But I think its someplace you have to go at least once. (Or three times in my case.)

Someone should come up with a list of 101 places you must go in LA. I'd do it. (Next up Ripley's Believe it or Not museum. I've wanted to go, but Karl Pilkington's write up of it made me NEED to go.) Its right across the street from the Chinese Theater, so it looks like I'll be braving the area again.


Elaine said...

you're brave to visit the tourist areas. I avoid Times Square like the plague, as do most people here. But I can totally see why you do it.

Cloverfield looks good, but if I go see a movie, I'm going to see There Will Be Blood. I love Daniel Day Lewis.

~Hinna said...

Wait for me to go with you to Ripleys